Getting Started


The OSIDs (available from are the service interface definitions. This wiki has information about the OSIDs and the Okapia open-source implementation.

Try An Example

Clone a sample application and OSID Provider:

% git clone
% cd 9-planets-sample
% make run

If you count nine planets, your OSID environment is working. Anything less would be a serious problem.

What It Does

OSID Consumer

net.okapia.osid.sample.Test illustrates the basics of consuming an OSID. 

  • Starting up the OSID Runtime environment.
  • Loading a Resource OSID Provider
  • Getting some stuff from it.

OSID Provider

The OSID Resource Provider is net.okapia.osid.sample.providers.resource.solarsystem. It demonstrates the basics of an OSID Provider using the Okapia OSID implementation framework.

  • An OsidManager.
  • Setting up the identity of the service provider.
  • Implementing a simple OsidSession.
  • Implementing an OsidRecord attached to an OsidObject.


An example configuration for this OSID Resource Provider is net.okapia.osid.sample.providers.resource.solarsystem.ResourceManager.xml. 

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