OSIDs in Java


Now we get to writing code. This section documents the Okapia open-source runtime and development framework designed for OSIDs.

Okapia OSID Packages

  • Kilimajaro Runtime: This is a complete implementation  of the OsidRuntime environment used to instantiate OSID Providers and manage their operation.
  • Jamocha Tools: This is a large collection of classes to aid in the implementation of OSID interfaces.
  • Records: A bunch of OsidRecord definitions used by Kilimanjaro and Jamocha.
  • Primordium: This package contains various implementations of OSID Primitives.
  • Torrefacto Tools: Miscellaneous Java tools for use with OSIDs.

Getting the Source

The above packages are open source. You can get them here:

git clone --recursive git://git.assembla.com/osid-java-kit.git