Package Versions


This page outlines the package changes and version history.

Javakit 0.1.2 (Latest)

PackageVersionRelease DateOSID VersionChanges Since Previous
Torrefacto Tools0.2.23/9/20143.0.0rc3
  • unit tests for sizeof tool
Primordium Implementations0.2.43/9/20143.0.0rc3
  • added unit test cases for GregorianUTCDateTime
  • java.util.Date conversion patches for GregorianUTCDateTime
  • added unknown() static constructor for UTCTime
Jamocha Development Framework0.5.33/9/20143.0.0rc3
  • fixes for OSID Calendaring changes in OSID RC3
  • fixes for exceptions in Sourceable and OsidProxyManager that changed in OSID RC3
  • fixed syntax check in Value
  • added OsidSearchOrder abstract and nil classes
  • renamed classes in adapter package
  • added adapters for OsidManagers
  • added template notification sessions
  • added template OsidSession adapters
Kilimanjaro Runtime0.3.53/10/20143.0.0rc3
  • fixed implementsRecordType() in records in configuration & rules OSIDs

  • fixed null return check for OsidRecords
  • set the provider in OSID Configuration impls
  • fixed path/file Ids in OSID Configuration impls
  • fixed processing of methods with arrays
  • unit tests for queries and forms

On Deck


PackageVersionRelease DateOSID VersionChanges Since Previous
Torrefacto Tools0.2.02/10/20143.0.0rc2
  • changed to linked maps in collection tools to preserve ordering
Primordium Implementations0.2.02/10/20143.0.0rc2 
Jamocha Development Framework0.4.02/10/20143.0.0rc2
  • lots of OSID RC2 fixes
  • added ability to specify OsidCatalogs to core lookup sessions
Kilimanjaro Runtime0.3.02/10/20143.0.0rc2
  • added unit tests for e